Southway Builders celebrates 25 years in business

More than 200 guests gathered May 11 at the recently renovated Stavros Niarchos Foundation Parkway to celebrate Southway’s 25th Anniversary.

“Reflecting upon our 25 years, we at Southway are all unified by several traits: We have a passion for building; we are collaborative people who enjoy challenges; and most significantly, we enjoy working through those challenges by bringing people along with us to share in common goals of completing those difficulties with integrity,” said Willy Moore, Southway’s President.

Acknowledging that “Southway is not comfortable in the limelight, preferring to work behind the scenes to ensure our clients and their designers get the notoriety they deserve,” Willy dedicated a portion of their celebration to uplift and support a organization they hold in high regards, Project JumpStart. In collaboration with business partners and advisers who have helped guide Southway since their inception, a contribution was made to the program totaling more than $15,000. This included generous donations from HMS Insurance, Wellons-Jablon Attorneys at Law, Ramina and Associates P.A., and even party goers themselves who opened their wallets and checkbooks to support JumpStart, after hearing a heartfelt testimonial from graduate Jonathan Crutchfield.

Willy explained that, “part of our success is trying to create opportunity for others to succeed.”

Southway extends gratitude to all of those who have contributed to 25 years of success – “clients who had faith in our abilities; partner architects and engineers who design fabulous spaces; public officials who have been our advocates; craftspeople who show up day after very long day to provide their hard labor and unique skills; Southway employees who embody our principles of Quality, Dependability, and Integrity; spouses and significant others of Southway employees for allowing their partners to pursue their passion; and Paul Littmann, our founder and guiding light!”

Source: Southway

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