Standards for Excellence Institute launches three-tiered approach to certification

Beginning in Fall 2011, organizations interested in earning the Seal of Excellence may elect to take a tiered approach to certification that makes the process easier and gives recognition for completed steps along the way.

The Tiered Approach introduces three levels of recognition for the Standards for Excellence program:

  • Tier One: Essentials-Adhering to Baisc Legal, Regulatory, and Governance Practices
  • Tier Two: Enhanced-Enhancing the Foundations of Nonprofit Management and Governance
  • Tier Three: Certified-Standards for Excellence Seal Holder

Nonprofits may choose to apply for certification by starting with Tier One: Essentials and moving up the tiers or by going directly to Tier Three: Certified .

“The Tiered Approach gives nonprofits choices and makes the path to certification easier,” Amy Coates Madsen, program director, Standards for Excellence, said. “Organizations can still choose to apply for full certification by starting at Tier Three: Certified , or they can start at Tier One: Essentials and move toward certification at their own pace, with each tier building on the previous level.”

The Standards for Excellence Institute estimates that several hundred organizations in Maryland will qualify for approval for Tier One: Essentials . The deadline for the first round of Tier One: Essentials applications is October 12.

The Institute is offering a series of free, informational webinars providing details on the Tiered Approach and the Traditional Approach. The webinars are July 13 from 10:30-11:30 a.m.; July 20 from 12-1 p.m.; and
August 16 from 2-3 p.m.

Nonprofits who have earned the Seal of Excellence say complying with the Standards has strengthened their boards and staff, raised the quality and integrity of management, and resulted in increased respect from donors.

Source : Maryland Nonprofits


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