START statewide transportation funding coalition grows by 20

Twenty more organizations and businesses have joined the State Transportation Alliance to Restore the Trust (START) since the statewide coalition of advocates was formed on January 25 to protect and enhance Maryland’s funding for transportation infrastructure.

START now has 52 participating organizations and companies from across Maryland — including the Greater Baltimore Committee, the Maryland Chamber of Commerce, and the Greater Washington Board of Trade — that support strengthening the state’s stagnant transportation funding.

This demonstrates the depth of concern in our state’s business community about the general lack of urgency that has existed in Annapolis over funding Maryland’s highways, transit, port and airport facilities.

The primary objectives of the START coalition are to convince state lawmakers to stop raiding Maryland’s Transportation Trust Fund for non-transportation uses, to restore highway user revenue to local jurisdictions, and to find a way to increase revenue to the transportation fund by at least $500 million per year.



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