Statement of Donald C. Fry, President and CEO, Greater Baltimore Committee, on Mayor Scott’s Effort to Restart Criminal Justice Coordinating Council

May 12, 2021

“The Greater Baltimore Committee commends Baltimore Mayor Brandon Scott for taking the initiative to get the Baltimore City Criminal Justice Coordinating Council restarted to improve the coordination of federal, state and local efforts to tackle the city’s violent crime epidemic.

We encourage all agencies that were previously involved with the council to heed the Mayor’s invitation to recreate the coordinating council and to work collaboratively to address this top priority for Baltimore.

It is imperative that agencies at all levels of government come together in a coordinated, unified effort to reduce crime, especially violent crime, throughout the entire city. Violent crime and public safety concerns threaten the health, well-being, and economic prosperity of our communities. Baltimore’s residents, businesses and institutions deserve and expect a unified team approach to this pressing issue.

Mayor Scott has taken a positive step forward by reaching out to key stakeholders and it is incumbent on those stakeholders to respond to his call to action,” Fry said.

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