Stevenson’s forensic studies program to offer criminalistics track

Stevenson University announces a new track in its Master of Science in Forensic Studies program. Criminalistics has been added to the program’s five existing tracks-accounting, computer forensics, investigations, legal, and interdisciplinary-to bring another dimension to the University’s forensics curriculum: the application of the physical and biological sciences to law.

“Criminal investigations is an area of growing workforce demand in Maryland, driven by the increased need for people trained to apply forensic sciences to the examination, solution, and prevention of crime,” said Joyce Becker, Dean of Stevenson’s School of Graduate and Professional Studies. “We’ve designed this track for people with career paths in criminal investigations-from law enforcement officers to paralegals and attorneys-who need a deeper knowledge of forensic techniques and how they are used in legal proceedings.”

Criminalistics is the science of associating and identifying evidence, interpreting the results of various scientific tests (e.g., ballistics, DNA, gunshot residue, etc.), and reconstructing crime scenes. The criminalistics track in the forensic studies program is designed to help students acquire the knowledge and abilities necessary to evaluate results reached by investigators and use those results in legal proceedings.

The curriculum will prepare students to examine the interaction of forensic science and criminal investigation techniques within the structure of the criminal justice system; understand and justify the use of investigative and evidence collection techniques in specific settings; synthesize facts and observations into coherent, defensible conclusions; apply pertinent rules of evidence in a courtroom setting; and conduct direct and cross examinations of witnesses.

Stevenson University, known for its distinctive career focus, is the third-largest independent undergraduate university in Maryland with more than 3,400 students pursuing bachelor’s, master’s, and adult accelerated degrees at locations in Stevenson and Owings Mills.


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