Ellin & Tucker introduces new virtual accounting firm Time Capital Solutions

The partnership took root as part of Ellin & Tucker’s commitment to nurture the development and growth of the firm’s professionals, as well as its leadership’s belief in empowering each team member to follow their passions

TEDCO’s Builder Fund invests $450K in eight start-ups

Tedco logo
TEDCO’s Builder Fund was created to financially and operationally support the development of startup companies run by entrepreneurs who demonstrate a socially or economically disadvantaged background that hinders access to traditional forms of capital and executive networks at the pre-seed stage.

McDaniel College announces Fall 2020 semester reopening plans

McDaniel College announced key decisions that involve academics, including changes to the undergraduate academic calendar, as well as health and safety, residential life and food service, student support and campus life, and financial matters in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.