Baltimore Business Journal: UMMS CEO: Now is the time for employers to make decisions about vaccine mandates

Dr. Mohan Suntha, UMMS
Dr. Mohan Suntha said the combination of increased cases of Covid-19 and the flu could present a "dramatic challenge" when it comes to the availability of medical resources.

Baltimore Sun: FDA’s full approval of Pfizer’s COVID vaccine sets stage for more Maryland workplace, school mandates

Vaccine mandates already exist in Maryland hospitals, in skilled nursing facilities and for state employees. But elsewhere, the requirements have been set in piecemeal fashion, with some companies and businesses imposing mandates and many others not.

BD launches portable, rapid point-of-care antigen test to detect SARS-CoV-2

BD Veritor™ Plus System
The simple new assay leverages more than 25,000 BD Veritor™ instruments already used across the U.S. to immediately increase access to COVID-19 testing in frontline health care settings