Maryland Reporter: Ferguson blasts pace of Maryland’s COVID-19 vaccine rollout plan

Senate President Bill Ferguson
Senate Minority Whip Michael Hough (R-Frederick and Carroll) defended the administration’s vaccine rollout plan, saying supply is the main problem and that he expects that to improve once vaccines are made more readily available at local pharmacies throughout the state.

BBJ: Health experts urge local businesses to help combat misinformation as vaccine rollout continues

Vaccine panelists
Leaders from Johns Hopkins and UMB told a group of Baltimore business leaders Jan. 19 one of the ways they can help things run more smoothly and efficiently is by being understanding about the complexities and pace of vaccinations.

Hopkins and UMB health care professionals discuss vaccine development and distribution

Vaccines Newsmaker Intro
The panelists all stressed the safety of the available vaccines and noted the importance of continuing to communicate with the Black and Latinx communities.

Gov. Larry Hogan’s Dec. 15 COVID-19 Press Conference

COVID-19 updates
To assist in the distribution of vaccines, Gov. Hogan is re-activating the Maryland National Guard to provide logistical support with planning and operations and to provide assistance at distribution points.

Baltimore Sun: Maryland could receive coronavirus vaccine by next week; hospital workers, nursing home residents to get shots first

Health Care panelists
Maryland’s medical community will focus on vaccinating a diverse range of residents, including those disproportionately impacted by the pandemic, said Dr. Mohan Suntha, president and CEO of the University of Maryland Medical System, during a virtual seminar the Greater Baltimore Committee hosted Dec. 8.

Governor Larry Hogan’s Nov. 23 COVID-19 Press Conference

The Latest on COVID-19 in Maryland
The Governor announced that Maryland is launching a compliance and coordination effort, which includes deploying State troopers in every county to work with counties to investigate violations of State law.

BBJ: When will this be over? — Johns Hopkins doctor weighs in on the big question at GBC hosted webinar

It's the question on the top of everyone's mind these days — when will this all be over? A group of local business leaders aimed the million-dollar question at Johns Hopkins' Dr. Josh Sharfstein, during a web event hosted by the Greater Baltimore Committee on April 8.