The Daily Record: Johns Hopkins, Loyola join partnership to help students facing tough job market

By Morgan Eichensehr  
Jul 15, 2020

Johns Hopkins University and Loyola University Maryland are among 40 colleges across the country that are partnering to help students confront a damaged economy and challenging job market due to the coronavirus pandemic.

College students, and especially recent graduates, are having a hard time finding jobs and internships in a global economy that has been badly scarred by the effects of Covid-19. Companies big and small nationwide have initiated mass layoffs and furloughs, or slashed internship and apprenticeship programs, in an effort to cut costs. That means fewer job openings in many industries, and a lack of internship availability, which may hinder future graduates from getting the real-world work experience they will ultimately need to be competitive hires.

Universities from across the country are hoping to help students better face those challenges through a new kind of networking program.

The partnering universities are working with PeopleGrove, a California-based firm that provides personalized networking software for higher education institutions, to launch a new program called the BridgesAlliance. The participating schools have all pledged to proactively engage their own networks of alumni, supporters and corporate partners to help connect struggling rising seniors and graduates to experiential learning, employment and non-traditional career opportunities.

PeopleGrove’s online platforms help universities foster online connections between alumni and students, with the hope that those connections can lead to mentorship and work opportunities. With the BridgesAlliance, schools are banding together in their commitment to share networking resources and get graduates into the workforce.

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Source: The Daily Record