The Daily Record: Baltimore rolls back one-hour dining limit and other restrictions

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By Johanna Alonso
Feb. 17, 2021

Several COVID-19 restrictions in Baltimore will be rolled back at the beginning of next week, including a one-hour limit to indoor dining that was put in place in January.

The order will also increase the number of people permitted in gyms from a maximum of 10 people to 25% capacity, and will allow performance venues, which had previously been restricted to live-streamed performances, to reopen so long as performers are masked and distanced.

Similarly, gatherings will now be capped at a percentage of the capacity of the establishment they are held in, rather than at 10 people for indoor gatherings and 25 at outdoor gatherings. Indoor dining remains operating at 25% capacity, and outdoor at 50%.

Mayor Brandon Scott announced these changes Feb. 17, saying that substantial declines in daily new COVID-19 cases and positive testing rates, as well as a slight decrease in deaths, contributed to the decision.

“The mayor’s decision to ease restrictions, especially lifting the one-hour dining limit at restaurants, is welcome news and should be a positive impact for business operations,” said Donald Fry, President and CEO of the Greater Baltimore Committee. “This will attract more customers and revenue, which they need to remain operational. Hopefully, coronavirus cases will continue to trend downward and the mayor can adjust the restrictions even further to match neighboring jurisdictions.”

Source: The Daily Record

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