The Daily Record: COVID-19 related supply chain woes boost Tradepoint Atlantic

By Adam Bednar 
June 17, 2020

Aaron Tomarchio presentationThe COVID-19 pandemic exposed weaknesses in the supply chains of numerous businesses across a variety of industries, which benefits the ongoing redevelopment of Sparrows Point, a Tradepoint Atlantic executive said June 17.

Aaron Tomarchio, Tradepoint Atlantic’s senior vice president of corporate affairs, said strain placed on logistics networks by the new coronavirus outbreak increased firms’ interest in opening facilities at the 3,300-acre peninsula in southeastern Baltimore County, which the company is transforming into one of the world largest multimodal logistics hubs.

“The market is responding to (those inefficiencies),” Tomarchio said during a Greater Baltimore Committee virtual Newsmaker event.

COVID-19, however, has not slowed progress on the build out of Tradepoint Atlantic. Construction has continued at the site throughout the outbreak unlike at other large projects that suspended work due to the illness.

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Source: The Daily Record

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