The Daily Record: GBMC CEO named American Hospital Association’s 2019 Grassroots Champion

Editor’s note: The following commentary appeared on on June 13th, 2019.

John Chessare, MD, president and CEO of the GBMC HealthCare System, was presented with the 2019 Grassroots Champion Award and the Membership Milestone for 100 years for GBMC by the American Hospital Association (AHA).

He received the award for his successful efforts to improve health outcomes for patients, as well as increase the satisfaction of staff and community members. It was created to recognize those hospital leaders who most effectively educate elected officials on how major issues affect the hospital’s vital role in the community, who have done an exemplary job in broadening the base of community support for the hospital, and who are tireless advocates for the hospital and its patients.

The award was given by the AHA, in partnership with the Maryland Hospital Association.

In addition to his personal award, Chessare accepted the AHA’s Membership Milestone for 100 years on behalf of the GBMC HealthCare System. This award was presented to GBMC for actively reflecting the AHA’s mission for the past 100 years of “continuing their passion for improving health and community engagement.”

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