The Daily Record: McCormick advances Grown for Good sustainability standard

McCormick Grown for Good

By The Daily Record Staff
August 16, 2021

Hunt Valley-based spice maker McCormick & Company Inc. on Aug. 16 announced the advancement of its Grown for Good third-party verified sustainability standard for suppliers in the herbs and spices industry.

This first-of-its kind standard includes metrics that drive community resilience, including economic stability for farmers, gender equality, and women’s empowerment, as well as biodiversity conservation and regenerative farming practices.

McCormick’s Grown for Good standard is currently being leveraged in Vietnam, Indonesia, India and Brazil and will soon be available in other countries. Grown for Good was designed to affect three key areas: ethical and safe supply chains, regenerative production systems, and resilient communities.

This farm-to-facility program includes additional requirements to increase resilience and empower women in the communities from which the company sources its raw materials, beginning with its top five ingredients: black pepper, red pepper, vanilla, oregano and cinnamon. The Grown for Good standard will extend to the rest of its herbs and spices portfolio and other ingredients over time.

McCormick’s framework helps to ensure an ethical and sustainable supply chain at every level, including supplier factories, by mandating all suppliers follow the Company’s Supplier Code of Conduct, become members of the Supplier Ethical Data Exchange (SEDEX), and undergo a third-party verified social compliance audit.

Grown for Good also equips farming communities with regenerative production systems intended to ensure long lasting supply while safeguarding farm resources through education on soil health, water management and biodiversity. Suppliers are evaluated annually to ensure they are continually meeting the requirements.

Source: The Daily Record

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