The Daily Record: Morgan State introduces new degree-attainment initiative

Morgan State University

May 12, 2021

By Daily Record Staff

Morgan State University’s Board of Regents approved a proposal for the establishment of a novel degree-completion program and academic initiative focused exclusively on adult learners with previously earned college course credits to bridge the graduation gap for some 37 million Americans who have ‘stopped out’ of college before receiving their degrees.

The board OK’d the program, branded Morgan Completes You (MCY), in a unanimous vote during its spring quarterly meeting, which will provide an obtainable pathway to degree attainment and potential career advancement.

MCY is designed to offer greater flexibility, opportunity and accessibility for non-traditional undergraduate and graduate students with ‘some-college-no degree’ (SCND), by coupling their accumulated course work and work experience with a customized academic regimen leading to an interdisciplinary degree in the area of their career aspiration.

As a part of this effort, pending approval from the Maryland Higher Education Commission (MHEC), Morgan State will add 18 interdisciplinary degrees to its current offering of academic programs forming the foundation of the MCY program. The academic programs will be available at the undergraduate and graduate level, including eight bachelor degrees, five master degrees and five doctoral programs.

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Source: The Daily Record