TU, Md. National Guard to host employer summit on veteran work force

On Jan. 13, TU and the Maryland National Guard will host “Employer Summit: Recruitment and Reintegration of a Skilled Veteran Workforce.” This free event, held at TU, will offer employers throughout Maryland a unique opportunity to be informed about issues affecting returning veterans in the workplace. The one-day conference is part of a series of seminars developed to offer insights and information to educators, employers and health providers about Maryland soldiers now returning to civilian life.

“The goals of the conferences are to raise awareness of the challenges newly-returned veterans may face as they attempt to adjust to civilian life and to encourage the development of structural approaches to assist our veteran workforce,” said TU President Robert L. Caret.

Government, public and private employers from across Maryland are invited to participate in the conference, which will feature sessions from the Maryland National Guard, the US Departments of Labor and Veterans Affairs, and local and national experts.

The Adjutant General, Brigadier General James A. Adkins, has initiated the planning and funding for the conference in an effort to reach the communities where veterans live, work and go to school. This funding provides the entire forum at no charge to the participants.

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