UB/Towson MBA updates curriculum, offers sustainability specialization

The UB/Towson MBA program has updated its curriculum and will be offering a new specialization, reflecting an increasingly fast-paced, technology-driven, networked and globally competitive world.

“It’s essential for us to keep the program current and meet ever-changing work-force needs,” says program director Ron Desi. “Two of our classes have been broadened to examine the global business environment. Three other courses have been revamped to increase focus on managing human resources, leadership, public policy, and technology to effect business strategy.”

The program is now one of the few MBA programs in the country to offer a project management course as part of the core curriculum, which Desi says resulted in part from feedback from the business community, students and alumni.

Along with a new curriculum this fall, the UB/Towson MBA program will offer a new specialization in sustainability management as a growing number of organizations are looking to more sustainable solutions.

“Globalization, pollution, decline of industries, human resource challenges, and scarcity of resources appear to indicate that many of today’s business and economic models are unsustainable.” said Desi.

“A UB/Towson MBA student specializing in sustainability management will be prepared for an evolving workplace in which businesses continue to adopt triple-bottom-line strategies focusing simultaneously on economic prosperity, social equity, and environmental protection.”

The sustainability management specialization will place emphasis on value creation, assessment, and enhancement. Central to the sustainability framework is the requirement for managers to inspire innovative approaches to business reinvention, to effectively manage stakeholders, and to build coalitions for change.

“Under the emerging 21st century model,” said Desi, “corporate sustainability represents a business paradigm shift from traditional approaches to management.”

The UB/Towson MBA program is a collaboration between The University of Baltimore and Towson University and is AACSB-accredited. Classes are conveniently offered at both campuses and online. Visit our Web site for more information.

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