Understanding the Business of Cyber in Maryland

Cybersecurity affects every aspect of our lives, according to an industry expert.

“It touches so many industries,” said Jeffrey Wells, executive director of Cyber Development, Maryland Department of Business and Economic Development. “Cybersecurity is a human problem. It touches every organization.”

Wells, who discussed the business of cybersecurity in Maryland at the GBC September 17, said Maryland is the epicenter of cybersecurity for a myriad of reasons, including its geographic location, plethora of military and government organizations and superior public schools.

Wells stressed the importance of the “STEAM” (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) program in schools, which he said allows students to be creative (“right-brained”) and analytical (“left-brained”).

“Employees of the future need to be savvy,” he said.

There are 19,000 cyber-related jobs available in Maryland, Washington, D.C., and Northern Virginia, said Wells, who urges HR managers to consider applications of all backgrounds.

Cybersecurity, which is about problem solving, will create a “better workforce” and “brighter problem solvers,” Wells said.

“It’s about how to think,” he said. “It is about aptitude and not as much about experience.”

It is also about risk management.

“There is no silver bullet in cybersecurity,” Wells said. “There is no one product you can buy that will solve all of your cybersecurity needs.”

Wells cited Target’s December 2013 data breach, which has affected its reputation and caused some customers to lose confidence in the company.

“Reputations of organizations are at risk,” he said, “because of those types of breaches.”

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