UnitedHealth Group announces ‘The Path Forward’ program

UnitedHealth Group is committed to leading in the development of a next-generation health system in a socially conscious way. A system that ensures every person has access to high-quality, affordable health care that meets their unique needs.

UnitedHealth Group believes a next-generation health system should build on the strengths of the current system, enable public-private partnerships and leverage private-sector innovation.

Together, the private and public sectors can build on what’s working today and address shortcomings by continuing to develop innovative solutions that achieve universal coverage, make health care more affordable, provide better experiences for consumers and physicians, and improve health outcomes.

By implementing a series of actionable, practical and timely policy solutions, United Health Group can develop a modern, next-generation health system that:

  • Achieves Universal Coverage;
  • Improves Health Care Affordability;
  • Enhances the Health Care Experience; and
  • Drives Better Health Outcomes.

The Path Forward is part of the organization’s ongoing efforts to share actionable policy solutions and research to address the health system’s most pressing challenges.

To learn more, visit UnitedHealth Group website.

Source: UnitedHealth Group