Vitamin adds three new clients

Vitamin announced July 11 the addition of three new accounts to its roster, spanning across the built industry: WPM Real Estate Group, Spartan Surfaces and Phoenix Engineering. The company’s work on behalf of these clients includes brand positioning, interactive web design, identity development and messaging, targeting both consumer and corporate audiences.

“We’re thrilled to be working with such a successful and diverse group of A/E/C clients,” said Mike Karfakis, COO of Vitamin. “We are looking forward to revitalizing each brand by creating strategic messaging and marketing deliverables that clearly articulate each client’s value while working to motivate their target audiences to take action.”

Vitamin is working with each of its new clients to support their separate branding initiatives.

WPM Real Estate Group is a Baltimore-based property management services company whose portfolio includes over 17,000 units and 30,000 people. The company’s primary focus is residential (multifamily, condominium, senior housing, homeowner association and manufactured housing communities). WPM also has an extensive managed portfolio of commercial, industrial and retail properties. Vitamin was hired to redesign WPM’s corporate website, which will be designed for mobile device compliancy and will include a custom content management system along with various interactive components to enhance the user’s experience. The new site is expected to launch later this year

Spartan Surfaces, a product-based company specializing in commercial flooring, has contracted Vitamin to perform a complete rebranding, consisting of logo redesign, stationery, and a corporate website. The new site will incorporate JavaScript technology and a unique user experience that is designed to attract and create a buzz among architects that specify Spartan’s product lines. The new website is expected to launch later this year and will include iPhone, iPad, and Android compatibility along with a robust content management system.

Phoenix Engineering, a Baltimore-based MBE/WBE consulting firm specializing in civil engineering, construction cost estimating and construction administration services, has hired Vitamin to provide a full rebranding of the firm’s corporate identity. Deliverables of the project include brand messaging, tagline, logo, stationery, sales collateral, and a corporate website. The project is expected to launch later this year.

Source : Vitamin


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