WBAL-TV: Empty tables show sign of times at local restaurants, businesses prepare

By Jennifer Franciotti

March 12, 2020

There are empty tables and no lines at some of Baltimore’s most popular spots as local businesses deal with coronavirus concerns. The business community is taking precautions and following advice from a leading medical expert.

Former City Health Commissioner Dr. Lena Wen met with Greater Baltimore Committee members March 12 to help businesses navigate the new coronavirus world. She said precautions now could make a big difference later.

“This window right now, the next two or three weeks are that exact narrow window that we have to take action,” Wen said.

It has one area business planning a test next week to figure out what would happen if everyone telecommuted on the same day.

With new information coming out daily, look for more precautions in public places.

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Source: WBAL-TV

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