WBAL-TV launches local economic stimulus program

WBAL-TV (Channel 11) announced the creation of LoveLocal Maryland, a statewide program designed to promote and educate the public about the significant economic and environmental benefits derived from supporting our local businesses.

“LoveLocal Maryland is a grass roots initiative designed to stimulate economic vitality in the state of Maryland,” said Jordan Wertlieb, president and general manager of WBAL-TV. “The vibrancy of every local economy is controlled in large part by how and where consumers spend their money. Our goal is to remind Marylanders that together we can make a difference.”

“Based upon data from the US Department of Labor and the US Census Bureau, a 10 percent shift in consumer purchasing to local business, excluding expenditures for housing, transportation, healthcare, education and pensions; may contribute an amount roughly equal to the stimulus package,” said Terry Hardcastle, speaking for the Chesapeake Sustainable Business Alliance and collaborator on LoveLocal Maryland.

LoveLocal Maryland will include a series of promotional messages designed to inform Marylanders of the advantage of spending their money locally, to help strengthen the Maryland economy.

Members of local Chambers of Commerce and other business organizations throughout the state of Maryland will display the LoveLocal Maryland logo on a window decal at their business locations. The window decal and other educational material available to consumers are designed to announce individual business support of the program as well as to remind consumers to support their local merchants. Presently the Chesapeake Sustainable Business Alliance, Maryland Chamber of Commerce, Maryland Retailers Association and Restaurant Association of Maryland have signed on to support the program.

Participating businesses will also have an opportunity to combine their support of LoveLocal Maryland with a Maryland Green Sustainability Pledge; to adopt environmentally sustainable business practices for the benefit of our community, State of Maryland and the planet. Businesses who take part in the pledge will display an additional window sticker which identifies their commitment to sustainable business practices.

“Both businesses and consumers have common interests in building vibrant, green local economies. By developing LoveLocal Maryland and Maryland Green, WBAL-TV has uniquely demonstrated its commitment to building a strong and sustainable Maryland economy,” Hardcastle said.

LoveLocalMaryland.com, the online home for the initiative which is currently in development, will be the new place for Marylanders to go for the latest information on how to buy local and make a difference. It will provide an interactive way for consumers to search for local businesses based on location, industry or services. All commercials and support materials for the program have been produced in Maryland.

WBAL-TV 11 is the NBC broadcast television affiliate in Baltimore, Maryland owned by Hearst Television Incorporated. Hearst Television Inc., formerly known as Hearst-Argyle Television, Inc., is a leading local media company that owns 26 television stations, and manages an additional three television and two radio stations. The Company’s television stations reach approximately 18% of U.S. TV households, making it one of America’s largest television station groups. It also owns 37 websites and 20 digital multicast channels providing news, weather and entertainment programming. Hearst Television is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hearst Corporation.

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