We Stand for Racial Equity, Justice and Peace

Like many nationwide, the Greater Baltimore Committee and I are deeply saddened and dismayed by the brutal and senseless murder of George Floyd while in the custody of Minneapolis police. His murder was an act of cruel injustice – plain and simple.

The GBC stands with all in the Greater Baltimore community and throughout the state and nation who demand justice for Mr. Floyd and his family. We mourn the tragic loss of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor and so many others, like Freddie Gray, who have died as a result of misconduct and prejudice.

The protests and demonstrations in Baltimore and across the country are filled with frustration, trauma, anger and tears. These emotions are an understandable reaction to the individual and systemic racism that is regrettably pervasive in American society.

Every person deserves civil, humane treatment from police and from each other, and it is imperative that we take decisive action to eradicate racism from our society.

During this deeply painful and unsettling time in our nation’s history, it is our responsibility to ensure that this injustice drives positive action to address centuries of failures. This will require real, meaningful changes of attitude and behavior in our personal and professional lives.

The GBC and I are committed to devote our time and energy to build bridges for racial unity, work towards solutions to address systemic societal inequities, demand just and responsible policing in Baltimore and beyond and build more equitable and inclusive workplaces. Most importantly, we commit to listen.

As President and CEO, I pledge to work tirelessly to strengthen the GBC’s programs and efforts on these fronts.

The GBC Board of Directors and I encourage all GBC members to support and work for racial equity, justice and peace during these challenging times.

Donald C. Fry
President and CEO