What can you do to promote heart health?


Heart disease and stroke, the principal components of cardiovascular disease, are among the nation’s leading causes of death and disability, and the most expensive medical conditions for businesses. Every year, about 715,000 Americans have a heart attack and 11,000 Marylanders die from heart disease.

That’s 1 out of every 4 deaths.

The good news is employers can take preventive action to improve worker health and productivity and save on health care costs.

This American Heart Month, Healthiest Maryland Businesses is asking employers to take action in the workplace to promote heart health. Please consider doing a couple of these simple things:

•  Help spread the word by adding information about living a heart healthy lifestyle to your employee newsletter, tweet about American Heart Month (re-tweet tips from #MDMillionHearts), host a healthy workplace event

• Share heart healthy messages with employees, available from the CDC, Health Finder, American Heart Association and Chop Chop Maryland

• Participate in a National Heart Month event near you

• Explore long-term strategies to creating a productive workforce, Reducing the Risk of Heart Disease and Stroke: A Six-Step Guide for Employers

• Learn more about heart disease, visit the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene’s Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention, American Heart Association and Million Hearts Initiative Web sites.

Source: Healthiest Maryland Businesses