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Greater Baltimore Tech Hub

The nation’s first Equitable Technology or “Equitech” Hub developing predictive healthcare technologies.

In the video, Governor Wes Moore explains what a federal ‘Tech Hub’ designation means for Baltimore (and beyond).

A leading innovation Hub

Baltimore is proud to have been designated a national Tech Hub by the Economic Development Administration (EDA). With this investment, we will catalyze commercialization of predictive healthcare technologies, improving equitable care delivery and national health outcomes. The region’s healthcare technologies will support clinical decision-making, bioethics, personalized medicine, new biologics, and therapeutics.

Six consortium members met downtown to livestream the Biden-Harris announcement of Baltimore's official Tech Hub designation. (Penelope Blackwell/The Baltimore Banner)

[The investment] will help grow a more equitable economy that will expand opportunity, lead to better outcomes for our residents and make us an internationally leading innovation hub”

—Wes Moore, Governor of Maryland

Our Partners

The Tech Hub represents a consortium of 38 business and technology leaders in the region.

Baltimore and seven surrounding counties, was selected as one of 31 cities or regions for the federal Tech Hubs Program, putting the area in line for a share of $10 billion in federal funding over five years, including $500 million appropriated for an initial round.

With this new hub, we’ll tap into MD ingenuity to create more jobs & sharpen America’s competitive edge.”

—Senator Van Hollen

The Greater Baltimore Committee poses for a photo.

The Greater Baltimore Committee

The Greater Baltimore Committee is the leading voice for the private sector in the Baltimore region, providing insightful economic and civic leadership to drive collective impact.

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